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    haey i be jordan<br />
    i live in a secret place.... called yhur left pocket xD<br />
    i lub mii friends<br />
    i am a pretty friendly person, unless u piss me off neutral <br />
    but other wise im pretty nice<br />
    i am sorta a show of some times<br />
    i suck at spelling so dont correct mii<br />
    i am 13 years young<br />
    soon to b 14<br />
    i lub to draw K3<br />
    i am pretty good at drawing anime and yeah,<br />
    i love music, (rock,metal,screamo,techno,rap,a lil country, and yeah) xD<br />
    i play mw2, and black opps and c.o.d 4 mw <br />
    im straight &lt;3<br />
    i play guitar and yeah<br />
    thts all u need to kno pm me for more info<br />
    <br />
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