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    :; Jazmine Adell Pickens :; <br />
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    single:; freshman:; sign shop:;<br />
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    SHE wants to drink thee galaxy in a cup of milk with a side of oreos(: . SHE isn't perfect . But who is ? SHE always speak my mind && doesn't give a shits about what people think of her anymore .. just what she thinks of herself. SHE is straight && ridin' solo . SHE not thee most confident person : but works with what she's got .. SHE is loving && caring , but only cares for people who feel thee same back . SHE is probably thee blondest brunette you will ever meet , if you meet her . && SHE is so very proud of it. SHE doesn't have it easy . So don't think . SHE is a girl who likes video games .. ik (: SHE likes to make mistakes sometimes . Because they can sometimes be wonderful SHE has OCD . SHE'S known for being extremely unpredictable. . [C ' 3 JOHN LENNON inspires her(: SHE knows love is thee easiest way to suicide. SHE never lives her life in black && white . Who wants to be a washout? SHE nevers gives herself thee credit she deserves . SHE finally found that hand that will help her up when she falls . SHE isn't a people person. but makes dooo... SHE isn't a label . SHE is her own code . SHE knows not to take a person for granted anymore . But sometimes she messes up . SHE can be a total bitch sometimes . Don't be offended . SHE has her rough days . SHE doesn't live in thee world you want her too , she lives in her own . SHE isn't gonna be thee person you want her to be . Only what SHE wants to be . SHE does things she knows will destroy her in thee long run. SHE lives in thee moment . && once in a while in thee past . <br />
    SHE does regret . SHE is thee girl you hate to forget , but yah know. SHE isn't cocky . But she will sport her opinion. SHE doesn't care if you are black , white , purple , or blue (: SHE knows she wants to live life from a new perspective now . SHE thinks thee sunset && thee night sky are thee most beautiful thing you can ever see . SHE trusts no one . Yet sets herself up for so little . SHE needs more love then SHE think anyone can possibly ever give her. SHE gives out thee best advice, but she rarely takes it in herself . : HYPOCRITE. SHE is sooooooo over almost everything. But fights for what fights for her . SHE can make a whole room giggle . But inside she actually dying . YES , she judges before she actually knows someone . Not cause she wants too . But because it's a habit . That is too hard to break . SHE loves people she shouldn't , but yah know she can't help it . SHE wants to be everything she ever dreamed of . But know she won't achieve much . SHE wants to climb thee tree of success , but keeps slipping. SHE wants thee world to know her name, but yet she doesn't wanna be known . SHE wants to travel thee world , & take it with her when she leaves it . SHE wants to make people proud . But it seems she always fails . SHE want HIM back . To take back everything . But she know he's gone . Forever . SHE will brighten your day , even though she really wants someone to brighten hers. SHE doesn't believe in god . Ohkayy . She thinks karma will eventually kick her ass . SHE doesn't understand why it's soooo wrong to be different ? SHE might not be beautiful . But , doesn't mean her personality isn't . SHE loves music , almost every kind . As long as she can relate to it . SHE puts up that wall, that most can't tear down . SHE laughs at everything . SHE doesn't meant to offend anyone. Unless they deserve it . SHE is crazy, paranoid , lovable , && living for herself . SHE doesn't wanna be judged , but yet she judges everyone . HER name is Jazmine Adell Pickens . SHE has now realized that thee world changes , you either work your way around it or with it . Or you get chewed up && constantly spit out . Because thee world isn't changing for you anytime soon . To do what makes you happy . Be with who makes your days . Laugh more then you breathe . && to love as long as your alive .. [: <br />
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    . LOVE ; pandas l beatles :] l friends l orange l being random l Jersey Shore l tattoos l piercings l X box 360 l Leo && satan l my brother l carmel frappe' l gayys ;D<br />
    <br />
    . HATE ; narcassistic people l niggers ; but enjoy blacks [: l sharks l stuck-ups l secrets l Kanye West l rapest l Obama l liars l people l
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    Music <br />
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    Beatles<br />
    John Lennon<br />
    NeverShoutNever<br />
    Jason Mraz<br />
    My Chemical Romance<br />
    Justin Bieber<br />
    The Midnight Beast<br />
    Paramore<br />
    Three Days Grace<br />
    Spose<br />
    30 seconds to Mars <br />
    Framing Hanley<br />
    Adam Lambert <br />
    All Time Low<br />
    Avril Lavigne<br />
    B.o.B<br />
    Bruno Mars<br />
    Bullet for my Valentine<br />
    Cobra Starship<br />
    Drake<br />
    Maroon 5<br />
    Eminem <br />
    Hey Monday<br />
    Attack Attack!<br />
    Blesshtefall<br />
    Dance Gavin Dance<br />
    Lil Wayne <br />
    John Mayer<br />
    Katy Perry<br />
    Ke$ha <br />
    Limp Biskit<br />
    Marilyn Manson<br />
    Neon Trees<br />
    New Boys<br />
    Orianthi<br />
    Papa Roach<br />
    Slipknot<br />
    The Summer Set<br />
    The Maine<br />
    3oh!3<br />
    Train<br />
    Owl City<br />
    Vampire Weekend<br />
    We the Kings<br />
    Taylor Swift<br />
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