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  • Artist Info: call me bays, and or boner bailey biggrin ! razz nine out of ten doctors say i suffer from Pure Randomocity..the other one says i benifit from it xD i guess i'm considered odd. i lick rocks, yet was put in advanced classes ...im still waiting for them to catch the mistake :]]<br />
    i like anime, scene children *winkkk ;]]*, and yaoi!! xD, alsoooo... i like music..in general....i could spend HOURS talking to you about how much i love a singal song c; oooooo!!! :O i also ADORE percy jackson and the olympians!!! xD go percy!! ...clarise, you can go die D:&lt; .....okay that's it. ._.'<br />
    oooooooooooh!!!! and i say "nyaa~~ :3" sometimes in random sentances.
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