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    yum_strawberry --------- yum_strawberry -------- yum_strawberry
    <br />
    Name: Nalie (My Display is my Legit Internet Persona: Google It For My Facebook/Twitter, Etc.)<br />
    Age: Old Enough To Remember A Time When Nickelodeon Was Cool<br />
    Ethnicity: Mexican, but I've been told I look Armenian. You Tell Me.<br />
    Sex: Only From Tues. to Sat. on a "Good" Week.<br />
    Height: 5'1---not as bad as I make it sound.<br />
    Weight: UHHHHHHHHH<br />
    Hobbies: Mostly Sobbing over Korean Dramas, Making Avi and Pixel Art, Drawing Dildos on Unicorns (I call them Dildocorns. :3), and Making sure my Friend Kelly doesn't Pork Anyone.<br />
    Favorite Color: Eggplant.<br />
    Favorite Food: THAT GREASY CHINESE FOOD !! &gt;:0<br />
    Ideal Dog: A Pug Named Ack Von Niffleheim (Niff for Short)<br />
    Personality: Fuckkkkkkk, IDK.<br />
    Music Choices: Questionable.... &gt; . &gt;;
    <br />
    yum_strawberry --------- yum_strawberry -------- yum_strawberry
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