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    So seeing as this is an about me I guess it only makes sense to tell you about myself. I have plenty of nicknames but if you must cll me something I insist you call me Victoria, not Vicky or Tori, just Victoria. Or else you could call me cookii, I wouldn't mind that much at all c:<br />
    I'm sixteen, born in october. My hair and eyes are dark brown, andI have freckles about my eyelids and the corners of my eyes instead of on my cheeks and nose like most people do. My favorite color is a shad of purple called wysteria, and like anything that's generally consisdered strange to strange people. I don't like anime, simply because obsessions I had in middle school greatly effect my ability to draw anything else and I hate it. I like pretty things and whimsical things. As cliche as it may seem I really like photography and art, and I adore books. In fact I'd say books are my everything, they keep me sane. I've listened to all sorts of types of music but I will not listen to pop, country, hiphop, or anything I consider old. My faorite bands are Flyleaf, Eisley, Family Force 5, Christie Dupree, Me in Motion, and Leeland. I like the wat broken glass sparkles in the sunlight, and the smell of grass on a sunny day, though the smell of rain is better. I lke to read dreary things, but I cannot STAND teen fiction any more! It's all become poorly written, cliche, and trys way to hard to be like Twilight. Don't even get me started on Twilight.<br />
    My favorite author is Ray Bradbury, and my favorite character is Clariesse. I have fears of spiders, dirt, and feet. I want to become a fashion designer, it's been my life's goal since I was eight. My favorite drink is a tie btween coconut soda and drpepper. I hate being in the sun for too long because it's much too hot and I DESPISE sweat. I live in Florida. I'm homeschooled, and a senior. I'm a Christian and proud. I love random conversations so random comments and pms would be awesome c:<br />
    Oh, I also tend to use 'c:' instead of a period at the end of my sentences.
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