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  • Artist Info: :: razz rofile:::<br />
    Name: Christine Ko <br />
    Korean name: Hae-Gi (I prefer my Korean name)<br />
    Age: 15 <br />
    DOB: 6.7.93<br />
    Height: 4'11"<br />
    Grade: Junior<br />
    Ethnicity: Korean-American<br />
    Likes: Sweets, guitar, Tae Kwon Do, writing, watching TV, dramas, movies, ice cream, eating, fooling around, getting in trouble, playing innocent, pretending to be someone's daughter and freaking other people *(there's a story..read below)*<br />
    Dislikes: Bitter medicine, backstabbers, people who don't listen, people who don't keep promises, and a lot of bad things...<br />
    <br />
    :::Fun Stories:::<br />
    Once, I was with my friend (he's 20) and he works at a small business. His girlfriend asked me to hand him the lunchbox she made since she was a bit busy. I dressed up a bit since I was going somewhere else that day and when I went to go inside, I decided to lie and said, "I'm his daughter..." and the ladies in the office all moaned. &gt;.&lt;<br />
    <br />
    Another time, me and my friends went to an anime convention. When we got there, I was the only one dressed among all of my friends who were all dressed casually. When me and my friends were ready to leave, there was a drunk driving college student who thought it was funny to pour soda on me and when they did, my friends beat him up. Later we took the car and we either we got it sold or we got some parts and sold the rest...but it was fun! &gt;.&lt; <br />
    <br />
    Once, I got into a fight with this girl who was twice as big as me (as in she's tall and I'm vertically challenged T crying T). She was hitting me really hard and I tried to stop her but in the end I lost. I got home and my mom asked what happened and I told her that I just fell down. But then later, my friend and I met up and he asked what happened. I told him the same thing and he told me that it's impossible. So when I told him the truth, he said that he'd have a word with the girl. Turns out, it was his ex-girlfriend!
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