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  • Artist Info: My name is Ella,but feel free to call me whatever you can come up with. Yeh, I am a girl if you were a little confused by my avatar. Here's a few things about me:<br />
    ~Location:California!!!! Yeayah!<br />
    ~Age: Who wants to know?<br />
    ~I ADORE Muse if you haven't noticed already. Best thing on earth!<br />
    ~I think Matthew Bellamy is the coolest guy on planet earth. He's so pwoper!<br />
    ~I love to draw and listen to muse-ic<br />
    ~I think accents are amazing especially British and Australian ones.So wish I had one<br />
    ~I am currently trying to learn guitar<br />
    ~I am a bit random and a little weird (if you get to know me I'm pretty nice and fun if I do say so myself Hehe),but it's better than being ordinary and boring which leads me to my next one...<br />
    ~I HATE boring people,I like to have fun<br />
    ~I, also, hate peas, the color of yellow(at most times),and rap<br />
    ~Last,but certainly most important, I am a Christian and I live for Christ<br />
    <br />
    Sooooo......comment or message me,get to know me,add me.Whatever.I'd love to hang and chat with you.<br />
    (Especially if your a Muse fan)<br />
    Before you go,I'd like to say:<br />
    Floccinauccinihilipifilication<br />
    <br />
    Hope you like my profile!
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