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  • Artist Info: Q: What is your fave movie?<br />
    A: I have my top five, not my fave.<br />
    Q: What's in the top five?<br />
    A: Alice in Wonderland (cartoon movie and movie), Nightmare before Christmas, Ratatouille, 2012, and War of the Worlds.<br />
    Q: If you had one wish, what would it be?<br />
    A: Another wish :3<br />
    Q: Who is your fave character in Spongebob?<br />
    A: Patrick, of course.<br />
    Q: Who are the best lil asians in the world here on gaia?<br />
    Q: Who is the best Vinnie in the world, and whos his best friend?<br />
    A: Vinnie_Maraia, and his best friend is Jordan_is_cool2<br />
    Q: Do you donate?<br />
    A: Only to my RL friends<br />
    Q: Do you do any sports or activities?<br />
    A: Yup.<br />
    Q: Well...? What is it you do?<br />
    A: Tae Kwon Do, and Acting and modeling(once your in acting, your automatically in modeling, and vice versa)<br />
    Q: Tae Kwon Do? What belt?<br />
    A: Black.<br />
    Q: So you can wup my a**.<br />
    A: Pretty much.<br />
    Q: Do you have an agent in Acting and Modeling?<br />
    A: Uh, yes, but theyre not how they portray them in the movies. They dont follow you around and stuff. They all have more than one client.<br />
    Q: If they dont follow, what do they do?<br />
    A: They tell you when you have a job for something.<br />
    Q: Are you famous then?<br />
    A: Nope. Im just a backround kind of gal.<br />
    Q: Nice, do you date virtual guys here on gaia?<br />
    A: No, because thats just plain creepy.<br />
    Q: Ok, and what state do you live in?<br />
    A: That is classified information. I'm sorry.<br />
    Q: Do you accept random friend requests?<br />
    A: No. Only wingnuts do that.<br />
    Q: Lastly--<br />
    A: Finally!<br />
    Q: Lemme finish--<br />
    A: No.<br />
    Q: Really?<br />
    A: No, go ahead. lol<br />
    Q: Ok... Lastly, who started you here on gaia?<br />
    A: Xx_iChubby_xX/ Alyssa. And if you have to choose anyone to be friends with here on gaia, choose alyssa. She is the best.<br />
    Q: Ok, thanks for the interview.<br />
    A: Your are quite welcome kind sir.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Bye! Thanks for reading!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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