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  • Artist Info: Hey! The name is Kaitlyn. I'm 13 and I'm really tall for my age..5'11" to be exact. I play basketball for my school. There are some things you should know about me though..<br />
    I'm extremely sarcastic. I have a sense of humor so I laugh at just about everything. I have a dirty mind, so I can be very perverted.. I don't date people on Gaia because honestly...all the guys on here are dumb asses. I can be very shy, but most of the time I won't shut up. And that causes me to be annoying sometimes haha..that and being too perverted ;D. I LOVE music! It's my life! Right now my all time favorite song is Not Afraid by Eminem. My favorite colors are Blue,Brown,Green,Black,Purple,Gray, and Red. My shoes are either Vans or Converse. Nuthin else, cuz every other shoe can suck it xP. I like reading, it's NOT boring like many people think. Umm..I can't think of anything else right now..so Message me or send a Friend request.<br />
    <br />
    Byeee! biggrin
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