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  • Artist Info: Hi my name is Courtney you can call me Courtney ,Tragic, or Lullabyby... well now that that is out of the way, hi and welcome to my lovely profile, I like anime, and i tottaly love music, my favorite kind is techno , jrock and kpop. And i am my own person i dont care what people say about me, cause i am me and thats just who i am, and even if my style is weird, i dont care, it's my style. I take karate lessons , I am a black belt. And i am a vegetarian, i do not like to eat animals! My favorite kind of food is Japanese, my favorite drink is hot tea. I like herbal tea and ginseng tea. I am a happy person,. i like to dance, and hangout with my friends. I dont drink, i hate drugs, and smoking. and i will never in my entire life, do them. I play guitar , piano, bass , and drums. so i am kinda a music freak! <br />
    Thank you for waisting your life reading this!
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