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  • Artist Info: Kiss on the cheek- We're friends. <br />
    Kiss on the stomach- I'm ready. <br />
    Kiss on the forehead- I want to be with you for <br />
    the rest of my life. <br />
    Kiss on the hand- I adore you. <br />
    Kiss on the neck- I want you, now. <br />
    Kiss on the ear- Just playing around. <br />
    Kiss on the shoulder- Your perfect. <br />
    Kiss on the lips- I love you. <br />
    Playing around with your hair- Can't live with out you. <br />
    Holding hands- We definitely like each other. <br />
    Arms around the waist- I like you too much to let go. <br />
    Holding you tight pressed against each other- I want you. <br />
    Laughing while kissing- I am completely comfortable with you. <br />
    Hug- I care, a lot. <br />
    Touching on the butt- Your mine. <br />
    Looking into each others eyes- I like you, for who you are. <br />
    Smiling at each other- I like you. <br />
    Wink- Flirtation. <br />
    Looking around- Hiding true feelings. <br />
    Tender kisses on the side of the lips- I want you to smile. <br />
    Wetting your lips- Waiting for a kiss. <br />
    Teardrops- I'm losing you. <br />
    Cries- I lost you. <br />
    <br />
    Advice: If you were thinking about someone while reading <br />
    this, your definitely in heart . <br />
    If you Like, Love, or Miss someone right now and can't get <br />
    them out of your mind. Put this on your profile. biggrin
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