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  • Artist Info: I love 2 draw heart heart heart heart heart <br />
    I have lots of friends 3nodding <br />
    I love animal 4laugh <br />
    I hate Justin Bieber(sorry people who love him) evil <br />
    I like movies heart heart <br />
    I love 2 sing its my most favorite thing in the world heart x 1000000000000000000001<br />
    I like music heart heart <br />
    My favorite color is blue heart heart <br />
    I hate the color pink twisted <br />
    No one can replace my awesomest friends without them I don't know what i'd do(Love yall heart heart heart )<br />
    I have two brothers(Eric,Mike) heart heart heart <br />
    I am little french,a little indian,little irish,and little british sweatdrop <br />
    I like anime heart heart heart <br />
    I can speak a little french,little jap.,and little spanish sweatdrop ninja mrgreen <br />
    I have four dogs(taz,whitey,smudge,rudey),one cat(ki ki) heart heart heart <br />
    I go to a private school(and I love it heart heart )<br />
    My wierd nickname is Sha Sha(I didn't make it up my friend did) sweatdrop <br />
    I am very athletic(I love sports heart heart )<br />
    I plan to become a artist or a singer when I get a little older sweatdrop <br />
    My anime name is Meko(wierd right) 4laugh rofl <br />
    I'm crazy once you get to know me mrgreen cheese_whine dramallama
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