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  • Artist Info: ABOUT ME! <br />
    ---My three inspirational people are Shane Dawson, Liz Lee, and Michael Gregory!<br />
    ---I want to go to college some day to be a video game designer!<br />
    ---I have red hair, gray eyes, and I'm short! ^3^<br />
    ---My favorite color is yellow!<br />
    ---I LOVE pokemon! <br />
    ---I'm one of those rare girls who plays video games AND knows how to make a sammich! ;3<br />
    ---If you want to classify me, I'd be a nerd! <br />
    ---I collect a lot of comics!<br />
    ---^^^My favorite is The Tick. ((It made a great show, too!))<br />
    ---My fave show is Invader Zim((I've watched that show since it started!)) && Star Trek!<br />
    ---My favorite movie(s) is/are Star Wars!<br />
    ---I miss the show Angry Beavers. *sad face*<br />
    ---I know my meme! c:<br />
    ---Add me or message me if you want! :L<br />
    Love and Rockets,<br />
    !!rekomselop a am I
    <br />
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