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  • Artist Info: Hello. I can honestly say im a nice person, silly and shy. Im a Plains Cree Native.... some people mix me up for a Mexican... im not a Mexican im a Native (Aboriginal First Nations) 3nodding I love to bead, Paint, Go fishing, Boating, Camping, I like to met new people when i'm not too shy and make good friends.... I am also a good friend when in need smile <br />
    I dislike Shallow people, Meanies, racist people and wanna beez talk2hand I like to joke around, having Deep Convo's about life or the unknown<br />
    OH.... what really boils my Blood.. JACOB BLACK isn't even a real Native... and there's so many Real Native's that are talented out there.... burning_eyes talk2hand <br />
    and im Hotter then Pocahontas 3nodding heart heart hehe<br />
    <br />
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