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  • Artist Info: Hi biggrin My name is Arvin Jalbuena,15 years old . Im a fan of anime's. And I draw much dramallama <br />
    likes Drawing rofl <br />
    likes Reading Mannga mrgreen <br />
    likes Watching Anime rofl <br />
    likes supeer dupper Cute Girls 4laugh <br />
    likes Playing computer games/internet burning_eyes <br />
    hates Math subjects stressed <br />
    hates cockroach and maggots twisted <br />
    hates bully people scream <br />
    I Love Muay Thai<br />
    likes animals 3nodding <br />
    likes Innocent girls talk2hand <br />
    hates my big brother stressed <br />
    likes pizza razz <br />
    likes Asian lol <br />
    likes heart Elizabeth Panerio heart (love you)<br />
    I love eating<br />
    Im the guy who recieves Misfortune ALWAYS<br />
    I hate Emo (These Suck)<br />
    Im quite tall,white and not handsome (my opinion)<br />
    <br />
    Anyone who has FB(Facebook) add me ! <br />
    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000531421580<br />
    and please go to this website, add him as friend please<br />
    http://www.sinthaistudio.com/alrena/<br />
    and please play this game razz <br />
    http://www.sinthaistudio.com/thehouse1/<br />
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