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  • Artist Info: Hey, welcome to my profile! Call me Tamaki, Senpai, or Ryan. So, about me, huh... well, I guess I should start with the basics. I'm a nerd; I like to draw, play video games, and read. I also enjoy watching anime. Ok, that's the basics, now the specifics. I draw comics, not the best, but I think they are pretty good. I like to read just about anything I can get my hand on, but a great fantasy will subdue me for a while. Oh, and ghost storys. Those are almost always good. I also read some Manga. Video games I play, hmm... alot. There's The Legend of Zelda (TLOZ for short, I like to condense it), casual platformers like Kirby and Mario... Oh, yeah, and Earthbound/Mother. Yeah, I'm a nintendo junkie. Anime I watch, well, right now I'm watching... nothing, I'm all out of anime to watch for the time being. Feel free to recomend a series. I'm a big fan of Ouran, and Fullmetal Alchemist, among others. But, as far as watching things, I love youtube. I mean, Let's plays are great, and I can never get enough vids from the previous members of Cakebomb (Tomska, Eddsworld). I watch other assorted videos, but they are all mostly LPs or Minecraft. Oh, and collegehumor. I also happen to watch the Yogscast and listen to the Yogpod. They crack me up! So that's about it - Wait, I forgot something... Ironically, I forgot to tell you that I forget. Alot. What were we talking about?<br />
    <br />
    NOTE: I don't come on very often as of late, but drop me a PM, I'll get to it. Eventually.
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