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    good day, my name's selena. i'm 19 years old currently and i love anime, writing, video games, cosplaying,and roleplaying. i'm currently not in school, though i recently have graduated from being homeschooled.<br />
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    i'm a writer, i believe that every word written has some meaning to it. every single letter on a page must have a memory etched deep inside it from the person who penned it down. if you do not put your heart and soul into your work then it will never be beautiful. anyone can write something anything down on paper, but it means nothing if not done with emotions or heart behind it. i'm a very complicated individual and do not expect everyone to understand or get me, not many can. everyone will have their own opinions and beliefs on me when we meet that's what makes us all unique in our own special ways. <br />
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    Things I Like:<br />
    Music<br />
    Anime<br />
    Video Games<br />
    Writing<br />
    Art<br />
    Roleplaying<br />
    Cosplaying<br />
    Cats<br />
    People Who Are Honest<br />
    <br />
    Things I Don't Like:<br />
    Fire<br />
    Clingy People<br />
    Drama<br />
    Cheaters<br />
    Death<br />
    Douchebags<br />
    Dogs<br />
    Close-Minded People<br />
    Religious Zealots<br />
    People That Think They Know Me<br />
    People That Put Down Others<br />
    People That Think Their Better Than Others<br />
    People That Are Untrusting<br />
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