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  • Artist Info: Im just a normal guy with big dreams and huge ambitions. I plan to try and do something with myself and so far ive started on it. I have a dream to create an idea ive been tinkering with and make millions off it. And once i make millions i plan to go on a road trip across as much states of America as much as i can. Big dreams, little steps at a time. Heres hoping.<br />
    <br />
    Update: Ive decided to call my idea the Anime project. So far ive written about 37 pages of my first anime, ive started and written about 14 pages of my second story and the third story is in progress so far. Ive decided to call the first "Elementia", the second "Elemental Shadow Cat", an the third "Taggers".<br />
    I may write some of the characters and story plots in my journal but thats if i only get up to it. Good luck i guess. <br />
    <br />
    Update(again): Ahahaha! I have now started on sketches of my characters and am now rendering them. Well when i actually get a decent picture then I'll render them. So far they all look like demented iguanas and melted ostriches. Anyway I have researched story plots and character designs some more from webcomics and anime stuff. It shall be epic. Those who read this shall feel honored to have gotten to know a little about me. I should really write this in my journal.
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