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  • Artist Info: Hello there, if you've made if thus far, you've dared to enter. Nice Job. I'm not so scary, now am i? whee My user name is Daring_Fox twisted My real name is Holly xp On here I guess you can either call me fox or daring unless I know you in real life or don't really care, in which case you can call me Holly. Here's a note: I do not accept friend requests unless I have a reason, else wise I don't give a crap whether I've hurt your feelings heart No I do not want an online boyfriend! I have my own, real, live, handsomest, most caring man ever! And he's got me! (what a fair trade whee heart *giggles*) and yes he's got an account smile I love you,sir buttcus! Anywhoooo... here's a little about me... I'm sarcastic, if you can't understand my humor then go away, now. I love a little band called Blood Red Shoes, I've loved them since 2008 and I'm still strong even though their all the way in England and I'm U.S. bound. crying I will see them one day! heart When it comes to socializing, I either like you or I don't. blaugh I', rather dramatic I guess, but it's my nature, elsewise nothing would be exciting, now would it? idea <br />
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