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  • Artist Info: Heyy!! Wanna know the details? Looks down below wink <br />
    -Names Cassandra(or you can call me Mickey)<br />
    -Love music<br />
    -My status right now is single<br />
    -I hate collage<br />
    -I'm on 1-12 hours a day<br />
    -I love you<br />
    -Love to draw<br />
    -Turning old every January 28th
    <br />
    -Currently 19<br />
    -I hate to watch movies most of the time<br />
    -I hate pancakes and pizza<br />
    -I have lots of hobbies<br />
    -I don't play sports<br />
    -I do watch T.v, 3 hours a day<br />
    -Love to make you laugh<br />
    -I have a sense of humor<br />
    <br />
    And that all the details!<br />
    <br />
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