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  • Artist Info: My name is Yang! I am often called YangYang by many.<br />
    MUSIC IS MY LIFE!!! I love listening to it, composing it, playing it. <br />
    I can play piano, guitar, drums, violin, bass guitar, harmonica, recorder, and sing a lil bit. ART IS ALSO MY LIFE!!! I love to draw, doodle, paint, sketch, arts and crafts, and i make my own manga. smile LITERATURE IS MY LIFE TOO!!! I love to read and write my own stories and poetry. I can finish a book in one day or less. depending on how long the book and my time is xD anyway. yeah!! <br />
    Likes; Cute Things, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Music, Metal, Techno, Classic Rock, Art, Drawing, Manga, Anime, Sleeping, Eating, Video Games, Friends, sweet food, dessert, ice cream<br />
    Hates; Rap, Hip Hip, Anoyying Preppy Vally Girls, Drama, YOUR FACE!! School, The Dark, Fire<br />
    I am 17 and I love making new friends. I am taken, so back off!! I &lt;3 my bf!! his the best. and yeah!!<br />
    Get to know me! smile <br />
    thank youu!!
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