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    Hello kind soul viewing my profile. emotion_yatta Yes I know it's not the best but I'm fine with it. I love demented dark styles such as gothic and steam punk. My birthday is April 4th. c: You may call me by my real name if you'd like, it is Lydia. If you want to know more about me or just talk feel free to IM me, I enjoy chatting and meeting new individuals.
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    User ImageCandy<br />
    User Image SOUTH PARK!! rofl <br />
    User Image Bows! C○3<br />
    User ImageShopping<br />
    User Image Rainbows<br />
    User Image Rollercoasters<br />
    User Image Videogames<br />
    User Image Youtube<br />
    User Image Music <br />
    User Image Foxes<br />
    User Image Turquoise<br />
    User ImageSteampunk<br />
    User Image Black Butler (anime series)<br />
    User Image Tea!!!<br />
    User ImagePastries (cookies, cupcakes, and such)<br />
    User ImageTim Burton <br />
    User ImageAnime and stop animation<br />
    User Image and most of all being adorable...
    blaugh <br />
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