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  • Artist Info: ...Some small-minded people say her poetic mind is twisted, others say it is cruel or masochistic. Maybe so, but she doesn't seem to care, because in her mind the poems aren't just there. They are warnings of what could happen when a joke goes too far, or the disastrous misfortune when a drunk gets behind the wheel of a car. Yes, topics of pain and suicide may seem a bit extreme, but look around. Do they not see all these things? Do they not hear the cry of the bullied child or see her attackers, their eyes crazed and wild? The three crosses by the side of the road, bet they don’t notice on their hurried way home. See what she’s saying and what she’s trying to prevent? No one listens though, it’s mans slow descent. They’ll waste away because no-one cared to hear the words of a crazy elf that held life so dear…<br />
    <br />
    My name is Misa Kitterwing. I am of a stable, poetic mindset. Whether you understand what I write or not... Well, that's completely up to you. I look at the more painful side of the world because this is how I see it. Be careful, alot of my poems are based on themes of Suicide, Memories, and even Death. No, I am not Suicidal nor Depressed. I write merely to prevent these occurrences from happening.
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