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  • Artist Info: Hello! My name is Hiro Lau and I love to meet new people.<br />
    I love anime, manga, movies, games, art, and music.<br />
    Favorite anime is: Well there are a lot so that's kinda hard.<br />
    Favorite manga: Well this one's hard to.<br />
    Movies: Anything done by Tim Burton.<br />
    Games: Anything Square Enix does. Mostly Knigdom Hearts or Final Fantasy. Vll Is my favorite but X was my first.<br />
    Art: I love to drawl but I'm not very good at it....<br />
    Music: I live in America and here I mostly like rock but I have a wide spand of foreign music that I like in all genres. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, German, and many more. My current favorite band is Super Junior. WE ARE SUPER JUNIOR OIOH!! xd
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