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  • Artist Info: ~I'm 15<br />
    ~I'm bi<br />
    ~I live in Washington<br />
    ~Even tho I'm a 15 yr old chick i DESPISE everything generically girly<br />
    ~I rock <br />
    ~I love techno <br />
    ~And I Fight Dragons<br />
    ~And Panic! at the Disco<br />
    ~And A Day To Remember<br />
    ~And any kinda music really...<br />
    ~I'm kinda taken.. not officially <br />
    ~I'm an only child<br />
    ~I dont have many friends<br />
    ~I LOVE to draw<br />
    ~I LOVE music.<br />
    ~I LOVE MUSIC<br />
    ~I sing(alto) and i love it biggrin <br />
    ~I'm insane and most people love it<br />
    ~I'm taoist/hindu<br />
    ~I Smoke A LOT of weed&lt;3<br />
    ~I'm kinda a hippy<br />
    ~I'm an anime nerd<br />
    ~I honestly don't give a shit about a lot.<br />
    ~Theres not alot to me<br />
    ~On the other hand, there is
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