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    (yes the above photos are me, and yes i know i'm no model, sorry to disappoint you&gt;&lt; i post a LOT of my pics and random pics in my journal as well as any updates to my life...so if your interested you should check it out wink ) <br />
    Ok, first off: I'm NOT single!!! Please don't think your going to get anything more than friendship,so please don't try. I have an amazing boyfriend named Javi and I love him so much! <br />
    As for my beliefs: I'm a Christian and I'm proud of it. I don't like swearing or porn or any of that so please don't say/send any of it to me.<br />
    Anything else you wanna know: just read my journal or PM me or something rolleyes
    <br />
    I'm making and selling profile themes btw, so if your interested click here
    <br />
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