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  • Artist Info: Yo wats up dudes/dudettes!My name is Taylor....Taylor Mae Duprey...<br />
    I live in Michigan.<br />
    Music:COUNTRY<br />
    Sports:VolleyBall,Cheerleading,Wrestling. emotion_dealwithit <br />
    Fav colors: Black,Red,Green,Pink,Blue.<br />
    Fav Animal:Owl,Wolf,Pigs.<br />
    Fav food razz izza<br />
    Fav Movie:Gory Movies<br />
    Fav Type of Guy:The one who knows how to treat a girl right and one that doesnt play me.<br />
    Hobby biggrin raws,Sketches.<br />
    Fav Things to do:Chill with my friends, Party, Dress up in guy clothes.<br />
    Skin Color:Fair.<br />
    Eye color:Light Brown.<br />
    Age:15<br />
    Hair Color:Blonde.<br />
    SEE! IM AWESOME! ADD ME TO LEARN MOOOORE!!!! 4laugh <br />
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