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  • Artist Info: Helooooo!! Kon'nichiwa, this, that and the other. What's up people? My name is Gem. No, not the mineral... stare I like a ton of things. For example:<br />
    My favorite colors are black, ice blue, red I love anime<br />
    I read Manga I listen to a lot of music<br />
    I draw anime This game is awesome<br />
    I'm speaking you're reading<br />
    I'm loosing grammer comprehension right now.<br />
    My fingers are starting to hurt<br />
    I don't know what to put. I love this symbol dramallama dramallama XD It's so cool!!! dramallama dramallama dramallama dramallama K, I'm done. However, *lights dim and dramatic music plays* If you havn't figured out already by my profile, Then you need to know that I... AM DEATHLY IN LOVE WITH BEELZEMON!!!! YOU ALL CAN STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!!!!!!!! HE'S MINE!!!!!!! BACK...OFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K, I'm done.
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