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    As you can see,<br />
    I may<br />
    or may not<br />
    like Hetalia.<br />
    Also I really like<br />
    world history<br />
    and geography<br />
    in general<br />
    (especially Nordic)<br />
    I'm also into Homestuck<br />
    (like millions of other people out there...)<br />
    I'm a Gemini<br />
    (Yeah Sollux)<br />
    but my favorite troll is probably<br />
    Tavros.<br />
    Just because<br />
    I feel really bad for him<br />
    but in a way<br />
    I can sort of relate to his situation.<br />
    Anyways, it was nice meeting you<br />
    (even though it's you visiting me~<br />
    makes perfect sense, non?).<br />
    Talk to me, I don't bite<br />
    but it just might take a bit for me to get back to you...<br />
    Also I do art!<br />
    I don't have a store open right now,<br />
    but I suppose you could ask for commissions<br />
    through a PM.<br />
    Hee hee~!<br />
    <br />
    Have a nice day~~
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