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  • Artist Info: I'm very shy, I'm also not confidant. I really love allot of things though. Animals, music, reading/writing, and talking to other people smile I'm not really a bad person either. But, I am VERY violent (sigh) stare . And I'm 13, by the way biggrin I believe (ALLOT) in ghosts, and vampires, and NO, I'm not lying. Yeah, I'm a weirdo sweatdrop Also, I guess you could say I'm an artistic and creative kind of person. I like to draw (mostly anime/comic book/anime) characters of my own creation. I like writing books, though I've never finished one before though. I also write allot of poems and songs. I love animals, and my birthdays in November. Three more months till I turn 14... CAN'T WAIT!!! I also read more manga than I can count, and the same goes for anime. I haven't read too much manwha, but I like the ones I've read. I am currently working on a book, I just hope it turns out okay when I'm done.<br />
    And, I also have a REALLY annoying older brother scream But I love him anyway xd
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