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  • Artist Info: I'm a university student in Paisley, a town ten minutes outside Glasgow smile I'm studying applied biomedical sciences as a stepping stone towards becoming a cancer researcher.<br />
    I live with my amazing boyfriend Andrew and his team mate from American Football, he has converted me to the world of American Football and we are both Rams fans biggrin I also used to do judo until an old shoulder injury got worse and so now I'm not able to do it sad Luckily Bujinkan Ninjutsu is a lot less rigorous with shoulder injuries smile <br />
    I love hanging about with my friends and the team, laughing about old times, I'm a huge fan of Asian cinema and anime in particular smile <br />
    I'm also a writer, my novel is nowhere near done though, since I write whatever comes into my head about the character so long as it goes with the storyline smile So far, the main character has revealed himself to the leading lady, she's cleaned the house and upset him by killing a load of bugs. Further on in the novel she has found out his dark secret and realised that she is falling for him...yep, writing chapters in random orders....<br />
    If you have any questions about me, judo, ninjutsu, university or biomedical sciences feel free to ask! either comment or message me smile
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