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  • Artist Info: I am an adult player, Christian (and open mind one too, so I will not get mad at you if believe in another way, and will not push my way of believing onto you too), cowgirl, tomboy, country girl, and drama queen. gaia_crown <br />
    I love to role play, play games like bored games and computer games. I like to mess w/ peoples' minds, too. xd <br />
    Ash is my name and no I'm not that Ash from the show. stare <br />
    Everyone, I know, calls me Ash, so I like to be called that. Ash is my real/short/nick name and don't ask how that works. stare Please don't call me Duke, its make me sound like I'm a dog or a dude or something stare <br />
    I'm single taken and straight and I rather it stay that way b/e its bad luck to love someone stare <br />
    I have no problem with gays.<br />
    I'm not judgmental of people.<br />
    wahmbulance BTW tomboys and sallygirls are not gay b/e they may like stuff of the other gender but they know what gender they are like me. I'm a chick who likes trucks and cars, mudin', and etc. But I know I'm still a chick. <br />
    Likes: Rodeos/PBR, Baseball and Figure Skating. Trucks and cars. I love music (Not all types of music don't like rap and now day music but do like classic rock n' roll and new and some old country music ) . <br />
    That's all I'm going to say about me. If you want to get to know me I guess just ask. stare <br />
    gaia_nitemareleft gaia_angelright <br />
    <br />
    v A name thing v<br />
    A: hot<br />
    B: loves people<br />
    C: good kisser<br />
    D: makes people laugh<br />
    E: has gorgeous eyes<br />
    F: really wild and crazy, adore you<br />
    G: very outgoing<br />
    H: easy to fall in love with<br />
    I: loves to laugh and smile<br />
    J: is really sweet<br />
    K: really silly<br />
    L: smile to die for<br />
    M: makes dating fun<br />
    N: loving and caring<br />
    O: has one of the best personalities ever<br />
    P: popular with all types of people<br />
    Q: hyperactive<br />
    R: good boyfriend or girlfriend<br />
    S: cute<br />
    T: very good kisser<br />
    U: is very sexual<br />
    V: not judgmental<br />
    W: very broad minded<br />
    X: never let people tell you what to do<br />
    Y: is loved by everyone<br />
    Z: can be funny and sweet at times<br />
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