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  • Artist Info: There is not much to know, Im 15 years old and I live in Canada! I originally joined in June 2008 with my first account, 23nv23nc23nrv23-nvc but as you can tell by the name, it got hacked! rolleyes Then I made another account, Rockprincess7 but with me being a very forgetful person, I forgot the pass and email I used to make that account! stare So after many failed attempts to retrieve the account I just made this one! My brother is Link 0809! My favorite color is purple and I love to listen to music! I am a anime lover, anyone who knows me, knows I love watching anime's! The first ever anime I watched was Sky Girls if you don't count the ones on 4kids I watched when I was younger! xD<br />
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    I adopted a chibi<br />
    Name: Kilala<br />
    Age: 7 Months<br />
    Likes: Music, Purple, Anime, Friends and Snow!<br />
    Dislikes: Liars, Mean and Selfish People!<br />
    Owner: Rockprincess007<br />
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