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  • Artist Info: Hi, my name's Elena.<br />
    I'm a junior in high school. i live in Florida, but i was born in Canada! (YA CANADA) <br />
    Photography is my life, i go everywhere with my camera.<br />
    My best friend's name is Danice, she's probably on this site somewhere.<br />
    My friends consider me to be Asian since the majority of my friends are Asian and i breathe Asian culture (chopsticks, anime, manga, domo, etc)<br />
    um... i don't really know what else you'd wanna know about me but if you do have something you're curious about then just ask<br />
    i'm not that shy so i'll answer almost anything. ALMOST anything. <br />
    oh, and i love getting new friends so all friend requests will be accepted<br />
    ...unless i think you're creepy.....<br />
    Anyways, ttfn!<br />
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