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  • Artist Info: I am completely my own self. Sure I may have the same pair of sunglasses as you or your friend, but I'm no one but me. I may come across as shy when I first meet you; but don't give up on me just yet. My passion in life is photography. I live life through the lens of a camera. Being a professional photographer is what I want to be; it is what I am going to school for. I also enjoy writing poetry, it captures my emotions and thoughts when other things may not. I've been writing for as long as I can remember. Music is another favorite of mine; techno, alternative, screamo, pop. My choice of genre depends on my mood at the moment. I love to sing(in the comfort of my own room), though I may not be amazing at it, I still enjoy it. Watching movies and playing video games are my choice of relaxation. I always love to go and do things with friends; always. If you wanna get to know me some more, just send a message! : D<br />
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