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  • Artist Info: Me:<br />
    1. I'm a singer/songwriter/musician<br />
    2. The instruments I can play are guitar, piano and bass<br />
    3. I interned at Downtown Sound Studios where I worked on the movies "Silver Falls" and "Osombie" as a foley artist. I also worked on such music projects as Lightnin' Woodcock, Piss Broke Rebels, White Flag Down, Symbol Six and more. I was the 2nd engineer on "The Underground: Vol. 1" punk rock compilation as well.<br />
    4. I'm a graduate of the Los Angeles Recording School class of September '11.<br />
    5. I recently became engaged to the most wonderful person I know heart <br />
    6. I also love my best friend Britanny.<br />
    7. I'm an artist in aspects other than music such as drawing, painting, digital drawing and writing fan fiction and short stories<br />
    8. I love to hang out with my friends and family in my down time<br />
    9. I love anything that has to do with pirates!<br />
    heart heart heart pirate heart heart heart <br />
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