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  • Artist Info: TEARS<br />
    everybody has a side no one sees.<br />
    mine, are my tears.<br />
    i act happy and cheery at school.<br />
    but, in all honesty, i'm scared.<br />
    worried about the future, about my test, about my friends, and about me.<br />
    'who will i be today?' i ask myself walking through the halls.<br />
    i want to be someone new.<br />
    again and again, i want to be reborn.<br />
    someone happy.<br />
    someone sad.<br />
    someone who doesn't lie to the world everyday.<br />
    someone who can cry the tears she held back for years, and just let it out, not ashamed of herself.<br />
    i don't hate you, but, i just want to save you when there's still something left to save.<br />
    BY AMELIA emo <br />
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