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  • Artist Info: Hahaha, aye. My name is Annaina. But I perfer you to call me by my middle name. "Ivye" Not Ivy, IV,Ivey, or any other way you feel the need to spell it. It is pronounced the same way Poison Ivy's name is or the same way the Ivy plant is pronouced. I am very greatful that you can respect my wishes.<br />
    My date of birth is 9.4.94. If you can't count.. that means my age is 17. wink <br />
    I swear like a sailor. If that bothers you then please excuse yourself from my life.<br />
    I can be a douchecake. If I am. I honestly apologize. You must be really annoying... Bahaahhaaaa, nawww. Only kidding. I am very sarcastic. and it may come off a little rude at times but I really do not mean it that way.<br />
    Like 90% of kids music is a big part of my life. <br />
    All art<br />
    Anime<br />
    Soubi;my kitty<br />
    My lil' bro<br />
    My family<br />
    My friends<br />
    All have my heart.<br />
    <br />
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