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  • Artist Info: Hay it's gaia_angelleft Meghan! gaia_angelright <br />
    A little bit about myself... 3nodding <br />
    I play the piano stare <br />
    I play the flute <br />
    I play the harp<br />
    I'm Irish exclaim <br />
    I'm from Canada<br />
    I don't have purple hair in real life, it's brown... rofl <br />
    I'm 13, going on 14 in June!! cheese_whine <br />
    Well avousally I'm a girl... ninja <br />
    Single, not dating online tho...<br />
    heart <br />
    That's It!!! wahmbulance <br />
    Love yas! dramallama <br />
    <br />
    -Meghan heart
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