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  • Artist Info: imma Harry Potter freak, and proud of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Harry Potter freaks come here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xd xd xd I heart Harry Potter sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whenever someone in my class insults Harry Potter i go into a psychotic rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scream scream haha dont insult him in front of me.... twisted haha.... dont mean to offend anyone.... redface GO DANIEL RADCLIFFE!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!! HE ROCKS!!!!!!! Michael Jackson is awesome! So is Taylor Swift, go Tay Tay! um..... oh yeah, i speak Arabic! Awesome right? *flips hair* jk jk, but it kinda is awesome, yeah. I have SUPER long hair, and i have dark brownish/black hair. Check out my buddies profile! they rock! umm....im catholic, and i am thankful to God for everything Hes given me. I am a nerd, and proud....most of the time. Sometimes i wonder what whould have happened if i wasnt a nerd...... oh well, hopefully next year i can change that and get my crush to (FINALLY) notice me! Gosh, am i really that unappealing? Dont answer that......um..... i can be SUCH a lunatic somtimes, especially if i drink juice, my mom has seen me get to my craziest point, she had the funniest face when i finfished xd ! I like the colors green and black, and sometimes red. I HATE PINK! um...imma tomboy, so nobody ask me how they look, my friends had to learn that and get used to it, so yeah! thats me.....oh yeah! i have an adorable pug named Pacman! Bubye!- Jinx (me)<br />
    <br />
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