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  • Artist Info: Welcome to my profile~. I identify as Silver Jay, and you can call me pretty much any variation of that; the more creative the nickname, the more I'm likely to love it. Despite my boyish preferences, I am very comfortably and proudly a girl.<br />
    <br />
    I tend to change and grow a lot very rapidly. However, I do have some basic principles that act as my ground rules: faith, adventure, integrity, love, passion, and, most of all, leadership. My goal is to be a walking talking breathing living representative of inspiration and empowerment. I am a stand for making the impossible happen. <br />
    <br />
    I tend to take up my time with writing, talking to and helping my friends, and making Let's Plays with my Bestest of Best Friends, Nexis. I really like to talk about how people work, zodiac signs, video games, music, emotions, and life itself. I experience a romantic kind of joy towards girls, but none really at all towards guys(I'm gay, everyone. Really, really, really gay). I try to be civil and polite to most people. I tend to be a laid back person, but I get enthusiastic frequently and it results in me typing in caps.<br />
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    I turned 18 on January 22nd; I am an Aquarius, cusping on Capricorn. I graduated high school in June 2013. I'm totally in the best relationship of my life, so much that I don't think I could ever put it into words. My goals mostly getting 1,000 subscribers on TheSilverNexis's YouTube channel, getting a simple job at a title company, becoming a successful real estate investor, and getting REALLY into writing again. During all of that time I plan to make ridiculous amounts of sturdy, intense, inspiring friendships and helping everyone around me grow. Feel free to send me a message or talk to me anytime.
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