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    Hello random people 4laugh <br />
    My name is Lillian, you can call me lilly for short or anything else. I speak some German aaaaaaaaaaand yeah lol So heres some stuff i love and dislike.<br />
    Things i love<br />
    Dancing heart <br />
    Reading<br />
    Watching scary movies<br />
    Noodles (i love em)<br />
    Listening to music (i like any kind of music)<br />
    Walking in the woods<br />
    Animals<br />
    Laughing<br />
    Adult Swim (tv show)<br />
    My bestie irl (she is the avatar right beside me)<br />
    and other stuff but i dont feel like listing all of it xd <br />
    Things I dislike<br />
    Flies stare <br />
    being pushed into the water<br />
    So theres the stuff about me lol So request me, im a very nice and kinda shy person, trust me i wont bite blaugh I accept your personailty so dont hesitate to express yourself!
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