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  • Artist Info: ణ ꒰ chime ♡ 20↑ ♡ infp ꒱ ഒ<br />
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    hello everyone!! my name is chime, and i've been on gaia since 2007, please god free me. i'm a university student who has too many health problems. i love to draw & cosplay. i cosplay irl and here on gaia-- most of the time my avi will be a cosplay, give me shout if you recognize the chara! i'm just here to have a good time.<br />
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    i love video games, some of my faves are kingdom hearts, nier:automata and dark souls. i love mobage and idols as well! fgo, granblue fantasy and cinderella girls are my poisons of choice. other than that, right now im pretty into hypnosis mic, twisted wonderland, touken ranbu and such. i always forget what i'm into when its time to write it down so forgive me for that!<br />
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    anyway, thanks for visiting my profile! feel free to PM me or add me, i don't bite. bye bye!<br />
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