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  • Artist Info: Name: Hayley <br />
    Have: Diabete type 2 , Low Eye Q <br />
    Birthday: June 21 <br />
    Astrological sign : Gemini<br />
    Blood type : 0 <br />
    Favorite color: Black and red<br />
    Hobby: Reading and drawing and dancing<br />
    Favorite Food: Fries and hamburgers<br />
    Least Favorite Food: PLums and Rice<br />
    Favorite Gem Stone: Moonstone<br />
    Dream to be : Horse's trainer <br />
    Race : ecto-magi, Wiccan, Vampire, Demon<br />
    Elements: Fire(some times earth , water and wind)<br />
    Protector ; Of Phoenix<br />
    Importent to me : Family and Friends<br />
    Powers: Healing and controling fire and my new power is control blood <br />
    Hates: Jerk that think that all that and ex's that are mean to you when you are still nice to them <br />
    <br />
    ~Gaia Family ~<br />
    ♛Mother: none<br />
    ♚Father: None<br />
    ☠Brother's: Spiteful Snake,-l- Alucard -I-,Romeo_NWA,Kawaii Suke,BlazeAbyss,Captain Nitemare <br />
    ✿Sister's:-l-sadgir1-l-,Megumi Bara Ryoko,ll Jemmy-i,K e k k y u,Tracla,Tashi Aysun<br />
    ☣Godparents: Lady Marilyn Boleyn, Kiro The Reaper<br />
    ✪Grandparents: Pixy, Overlord Kurashi Odjin<br />
    ☯Cusions: Sokkoa,Kitsune no Akai<br />
    ❈Niece & Newhpew: Ariele Thibodeaux<br />
    ➳Bodyguard: Lord Helios Von Draegon<br />
    ~REAL ~(when i was a baby )<br />
    <br />
    When i was a baby and i was born the docter checked me out they put me in the neo natol unit . They then discovered that everytime they would feed me I couldn't keep it down . They did a bunceh of tests and discovered that my disgestive System was backward and I had a unformed small intestines so at 28 hour old they took me in for surgery . It took 7 hours for the surgery and my mom and dad , grandparentsl Where very worried . I made it thought the surgeny but my stomachs was cut from side to side and i was then onle 2lbs and 4oz . I speant 2 1/2 months in the neoalunit and finally was able to go home . I then weighed 2lbs i fit in the palm of my dad's hand . When ,om tried my baby cloths they were too big so my gramma went out and bought me cabbage patch doll cloths and they fit me O///O
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