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  • Artist Info: this is a totally new post out that i hand out..<br />
    ok here it goes.<br />
    im a kid age around 20-26<br />
    surely ya all know that im a male <br />
    my zodiac is virgo <br />
    hehe yeah thats one of the cool part<br />
    i live in malaysia now yet i wish i could be at england now<br />
    yet im proud to be a malaysian owh yeah...almost forgot..<br />
    im a chinese..a islam chinese ~<br />
    that really does rock on<br />
    i got 2 best friends~ <br />
    yet i would not mention about them now~<br />
    well we all have diffrence's that equip each other perfectly and we dont usually fight with each other<br />
    im really into sports right now<br />
    espesially water sports~<br />
    kayak's,swimming,raffting and other involvement including skuba diving~<br />
    man that really rocks~<br />
    yet i also play basketball sometimes and a sport called "bolabaling" its almost like basket ball only nastier~<br />
    well i better off now<br />
    reading to much about me sometimes rock but this time its not..<br />
    so~be good~a good night..
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