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    Salut! whee Just call me "C i a r a" 4laugh I'm 19 and Graduated. I have been on this website for 7.5 years approx. <br />
    It's just something I tend to check up on every once in a blue moon now...<br />
    I am a mother-to-be of a beautiful baby boy by February 13th 2017. I am so excited despite being a single mother. <br />
    I know a bit of French and ASL. wink <br />
    I love cats, even if they're bitches ahah I have a kitten named Kiki that I rescued at 6 weeks age while 6 months pregnant. She is my baby girl heart <br />
    I don't really have any friends. I moved to a new state away from everyone and now I only talk to 3 people (whom are family). If I talk to someone on here...<br />
    I don't give out personal info...<br />
    I'm open-minded and I look at things from all around instead of one perspective..<br />
    .anyway... if you wanna get to know me, you're welcome to <br />
    PM me 3nodding
    <br />
    <br />
    Nickname: Sisi<br />
    Star Sign: Scorpio <br />
    Gaia Member since: 2010<br />
    Relationship: Single mama cheese_whine <br />
    Orientation: Straight
    <br />
    <br />
    emotion_bigheart ~ a la prochaine ~ emotion_bigheart emotion_dealwithit <br />
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