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  • Artist Info: ღsнαωη<br />
    ★Nov.20.94 ~ 22<br />
    ☆It's hard to earn my trust.<br />
    ★I'm really nice, but I can be a bitch about things. Don't piss me off.<br />
    ☆A lot of people don't understand me.<br />
    ★Happily Taken &lt;3<br />
    ☆People sometimes call me: Nicole or Sam. <br />
    ★I like helping people<br />
    ☆I hate cottage cheese<br />
    ★I love books.<br />
    ☆I absolutely love to learn.<br />
    ★My education comes first in my life<br />
    ☆I have fears that other people don't really have<br />
    ★I'm unique.<br />
    ☆I can't live without music.<br />
    ★I love playing soccer, basketball, and volleyball.<br />
    ☆I want to be successful.<br />
    ★I love dancing<br />
    ☆I love thunderstorms and the rain.<br />
    ★I play the guitar, organ, and guitar<br />
    ☆I love looking up my family history. <br />
    ★I love chemistry and I like some math.<br />
    ☆I need to be more social.<br />
    ★I can be a big downer but I can always get back up on my feet within 24 hours.<br />
    ☆Even if I complain about my life, I have a really good life compared to others.
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