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  • Artist Info: Hello people's. My name is erow. IDK what it means, just liked how<br />
    it sounds. Anyway im a huge anime and manga fan, just like everyone<br />
    on Gaia. But I LOVE yaoi. I mean L-O-V-E yaoi. I have over 25 titels and growing. I dont know when Ill stop buying em and just read the ones I have over agian, but I want to get at least 45. IDK. Most of them are novles and some are graphic. I like reading the words and pictuer whats happening in my mind. Not that I dont like<br />
    graphic novels I just like useing my mind. The mind is a tirrable thing to waste. My corrent fav's are Loveless, Junjo Romantica,<br />
    Kazuni bonds of love, Passion, Okane-ga-Nai, Yellow,and Fake.<br />
    I have 2 cats ,bunny fufu and playful. Im in high school 2nd year and im going to japan in 2 years. WOOT WOOT.<br />
    Oh and im a Huge gameing fan.<br />
    P.S. I [Heart] Full Metal Alchemist.<br />
    <br />
    OK well......... thats me and myself.<br />
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