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  • Artist Info: Hi Allow me to introduce myself My Real name is Lilian Chung But u guys can still call me asuna and i have friends calling me star or queen and i am a big fan of anime and here's what i like to watch <br />
    Sword art online <br />
    Prince of tennis Favorite song in prince of tennis you got game version by Ryoma Echizen<br />
    Fairy Tail<br />
    Bakugan , BeyBlade Metal Fury, BeyBlade Metal Masters, BeyBlade Shogun Steel<br />
    Vampire Knight Guilty , How to Train Your Dragon 2 And How to Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Favorite Nintendo Switch Games Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Fire Emblem Warriors <br />
    Yu gi oh Vrains . Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles <br />
    Aikatsu<br />
    Avatar the last airbender Favorite Tv Show I Carly and Victorious , Descendants 3<br />
    Winx Club and Here's what i like to listen to <br />
    Hey Say Jump <br />
    Sword art online Let's join Sword <br />
    Miraculous Lady Bug by Laura Marano <br />
    Aikatsu Kiss of the Alice Blue by Naoto Suzukawa<br />
    Thanks for visiting my profile and feel free to private message me or comment if any of u have any question about me Favorite Japanese Drama Scrap Teacher Ikemen Desu Ne Kamen Rider Fourze , Kamen Rider Gaim.<br />
    <br />
    Here's my Status My Discord is Star Queen Asuna #7324 And my age is 25 Please feel free to add me if any of u has discord and Nintendo Switch: Sw - 8038 - 4354 - 2421
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