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  • Artist Info: So my name is Hannah.<br />
    I live in Lovely Louisiana, the only place where its 20 degrees one day and 85 the next.<br />
    I'm in college getting a degree in psychology and art. What I'll do with that who the fuck knows. its all fine though.<br />
    I don't really get on here anymore so I don't know why I'm updating.<br />
    Anyways I'm an INTJ. The rarest of the rare, so if for some reason you are reading this, go ahead and look that shit up. It's me plain and clear.<br />
    -I'm a very friendly person online, so i'm open to conversations, questions, the like. Feel free to talk to me. I don't mind. 3nodding <br />
    -I'm very open minded so anything is pretty okay with me. <br />
    <br />
    ------------------------------------<br />
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